What happens if my BROOKESkey is lost or stolen?

I've lost/damaged my card, what do I do now?

Please visit either our Gloucester Green or High St Travel Shop to order a replacement card. For details on locations and opening times, see our Contact Us page. If you've lost your card and are worried about losing any trips before you're able to visit us, you can ask us to cancel it in advance by e-mailing the key team.

There is charge to cover the cost of reissuing the smartcard (the cost of your registration card is covered but not for any replacements). This is £8 for BROOKESkeys. This is for replacements for lost and damaged cards. If you have a valid crime reference number for a theft then the fee may be waived as goodwill.

How do I know if my card is damaged?

If your card no longer gives any light when presented to a bus's card reader, this means it's been damaged. If it's intermittent then this will also be due to damage, but more likely to the radar wires rather than the chip itself. Our smartcards are resilient and operate contactlessly, but can incur damage which will require a replacement card.

Reporting your BROOKESkey missing

If your BROOKESkey is lost or stolen you should tell us as soon as possible, so we can prevent anyone else from using your travel by registering it on our hotlist.

To report your card as lost or stolen you can e-mail us at quoting your full name, date of birth and the first line of the registered postal address. Please advise that have lost your BROOKESkey and would like it cancelled. Please note that after this is done, if you do find the card, it cannot be uncancelled and will still need a replacement.

In the case of multi-trip products, your replacement card will only be issued with the number of trips that were unused at the time of reporting the loss or theft. We will not replace any credits used by other parties.