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By applying for a BROOKESkey, you are registering with Oxford Bus Company. This includes the following brands: the airline, BROOKESbus, City, Oxford park&ride and X90. By registering you can purchase products fast and easily online.

Only active Oxford Brookes staff and students are eligible for a BROOKESkey. When submitting your application, please use your current Oxford Brookes email address and student number. If you apply with a personal email address, you will need to update your account details with your Oxford Brookes email address, after completing enrolment.


Please note:

  • There is an £8 administration fee for the production of a Brookeskey.
  • BROOKESkey accounts linked to a non Brookes email address may be cancelled.

All fields marked * are mandatory.






Brookes Student/Staff ID will autocomplete your Brookes email address to be registered against your Brookeskey account.





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