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By applying for a BROOKESkey, you are registering with Oxford Bus Company. This includes the following brands: the airline, BROOKESbus, City, Oxford park&ride. By registering you can purchase products fast and easily online.

Only active Oxford Brookes staff and students are eligible for a BROOKESkey. When submitting your application, please use your current Oxford Brookes email address and student number.


Please note:

  • BROOKESkey accounts are with the Oxford Bus Company and offer discounted travel offers on their services. As BROOKESkey cards are solely only available to Oxford Brookes staff and Students, BROOKESkeys will be sent to the University for distribution.
  • There is an £8 administration fee for the BROOKESkey
  • BROOKESkey accounts linked to a non Brookes email address may be cancelled.

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Brookes Student/Staff ID will autocomplete your Brookes email address to be registered against your Brookeskey account.





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